News 18.04.2019

Recruitment? By robot?

Could it happen? Is it possible? Are humans, ironically, about to become redundant in the recruitment process? Let’s look at ...

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News 04.04.2019

Problems looming in student recruitment?

There could be a perfect storm brewing in graduate recruitment. The recent report The Must-Know Student Recruitment Trends in the ...

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News 29.03.2019

How long can Contingency continue?

Contingency vs Retained. Quantity vs quality. In recruitment it’s long been the case that most agencies work on the Contingency ...

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News 20.02.2019

Making Tax Digital – don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

What is it? Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an HMRC initiative to make it easier for individuals and businesses to ...

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News 07.02.2019

The Jury’s still out on the Hermes tribunal result

Whilst many including ourselves, have predicted the shifting landscape of the “gig economy” and what it means for recruiters and ...

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News 05.02.2019

R.I.P. the ‘cool’ office?

Imagine having your next financial meeting in a ball pond. Or a crisis conference call at a picnic table. If ...

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News 19.12.2018

Contract or permanent? Take a different view.

At Back Office, we get a unique view of our industry. As a support services provider working closely with many ...

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Back Office Support Services 23.07.2018

We’ve seen a lot of changes in 20 years

This year, Back Office celebrates its 20th year in business – and founder and MD Ian Humphrey is still at ...

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News 04.07.2018

Location, Location, (Re)location

Employee relocation is a hot topic right now. With UK employment levels at record highs (currently over 75%), it’s no ...

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Blog 14.06.2018

5 goals for every office during the World Cup

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to ignore the feast of football that will no doubt be the ...

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