Any recruitment agency owner has a number of goals in mind as they grow their business. These goals can be to develop better relationships with clients, provide a wider range of temporary workers, or even work more sustainably.  

However, the biggest goal you focus on is always to make your business more profitable. After all, that’s what keeps the lights on, and your team paid.  

Today we’re going to talk about how recruitment finance can increase your profit margins and help your agency grow.  

 Recruitment Funding for Increased Profits 

For a recruitment agency, ensuring that the temporary workers you provide are paid on time, every time, is the most important part of the job.  

Recruitment funding helps to cover the cost of paying workers. If you are a new start up, or want to focus on growing your business, this gives you more cash flow to work with.  

A crucial part of our service, recruitment funding takes the pressure off you, which is what we focus on with all of our clients. 


Payroll for Increased Profits  

When it comes to payroll and payroll management, accuracy is key. Errors in payroll can cause major headaches for you, your client, and your temporary workers. 

Our service includes full payroll support, which guarantees accuracy. We check, double check, and check again to make sure your payroll is processed correctly first time.  

With us you’re provided with a dedicated payroll manager. They will get to know your business inside and out until they feel like part of the family. With their expertise they’ll spot any issues or errors before it’s too late and provide you with regular reports and updates that keep you in the loop.  


Invoicing for Increased Profits 

Similar to payroll, your invoicing needs to be as accurate as possible. Even the biggest recruitment agencies need to receive and send out invoices on time to keep their cash flow consistent. If any are delayed because of errors or miscommunications, it can put a dent in your profit margin.  

Our processes and procedures minimise these issues, meaning your cash flow will remain consistent. We handle invoicing for you, including the correspondence with clients. But despite this, all invoices will only include your name, logo, VAT number etc. – so these quality invoices will benefit your business, not ours.  

For a growing recruitment agency, reputation is key to success. If you become the go-to for temporary workers, it’s because you’ve gained the trust of your existing clients. Any errors in invoicing or payroll can harm this reputation; investing in our recruitment finance service will help you to keep it intact and even improve over time.  


Credit Control for Increased Profits 

Unlike other recruitment finance providers, we offer a credit control service. This involves conducting unlimited credit checks on your clients at no extra cost.  

These checks are done by our credit control team. They monitor the credit limits of your clients, so if they are nearing their credit limit, your ability to supply temporary workers won’t be affected.  

If your profit margin takes a sudden dive, it may be because of something out of your control. Clients that are struggling financially may be unable to pay your invoices, leaving you high and dry.  

Our service also includes bad debt protection. You’ll still be covered even if your clients go out of business, and we can even help with legal action as a last-case scenario.  


How Recruitment Finance improves Profit Margins 

A recruitment finance solution is an investment, but for all the reasons we’ve talked about, it’s more than worth it. When you have a team of professionals ready and waiting to help you grow, the profits you earn can increase massively.  

If you have any questions about us, or anything to do with recruitment finance, please get in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you.