The 10 best recruitment tools right now.

No wonder recruiters are always busy – speaking to clients, sourcing candidates, going through the selection process and making sure new hires stay engaged and clients are happy! Thankfully though, there are tools out there to make your recruitment life easier. These are our favourites.

We all know recruitment is a people business. But the process itself can be quite arduous and time-consuming, which is why so many tools have been developed to make it more efficient, and help you match the right candidate to the right role.

In recent years new technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality – have been incorporated into the process too, making it even harder to know which tools are right for you. These are our particular favourites, some essential, some nice-to-haves, and with a mix of free and paid-for options we’re sure you’ll find something here to make your job that little bit easier. Making your recruitment service more efficient too. 

1. Job posting sites

OK, so it’s an obvious starter. But it’s also an essential tool in today’s recruitment industry. Let’s face it, you simply wouldn’t be able to do your job without the help of sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. They’re free and easy to use, and as well as helping you access a huge pool of talent automated posting sites let you place ads on multiple sites in one hit. Our particular favourite is Zoho Recruit, which is integrated with all the premium job boards including LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, Monster, Broadbean and Ziprecruiter, with other features like managing your LinkedIn mail.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) & Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Two brilliant tools for agency recruiters, these software apps are proving invaluable. ATS is designed to help HR teams organise recruitment and hiring data, so you can track your candidate through the whole process, logging all messages and activity with live progress updates. CRM strengthens relationships between potential candidates and recruiters, helping you build a pool of vetted candidates to choose from. Essentially ATS is a workflow and compliance tool, while CRM helps you maintain a pool of all passive and active candidates; integrating the two makes a lot of sense, as it is giving you a competitive edge and candidates a better experience.

ATS and CRM both offer significant benefits and investment in each is often justified, however there are also many tools out there that offer Applicant Tracking software with CRM Integration. These include Recruiter Flow, Zoho Recruit, Workable, and Greenhouse. While these tools often cost, many offer free trials that are well worth going for.

3. Video interviewing

Already growing in popularity, the pandemic has only served to accelerate video interviewing’s use. And we’re not just talking conference apps like Zoom and Teams, but specific interviewing tools such as Sonru which allow you to pre-set questions and send interview requests to multiple candidates who can complete the interview at a time to suit them, with responses recorded and reviewed. While it’ll never replace face-to-face interviews, these are a fast, convenient way to see candidates close up, allowing you to assess their personality and body language.

4. Candidate screening and right to work

Designed to take the hassle out of applicant screening, if you’re carrying out Right to Work, DBS, identity and other personal data checks this automated software saves you wading through complex regulations – also saving you time, money and possibly even fines. Best on the market are Access and Tribepad.

5. Email sourcing

Need to find email addresses linked to a website, identify email formats or verify an email address? These let you find hundreds in seconds – and even better many of these tools, including our favourite, are completely free!

6. Candidate engagement

Successfully engaging with talent has long been a headache for recruiters. So any tool that makes communicate more efficient and effective with people across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail in the style they prefer has to be a winner. That’s exactly what Crystal (formerly Crystal Knows) does. Its exceptionally accurate personality detection technology creates unique personality profiles for anyone with an online presence – allowing you to tailor your communications and boost your response rate. And there’s even a free version!

7. AI recruitment technology

Some of our previous blogs have covered Robot Recruitment and Virtual Reality, but Artificial Intelligence is what’s really transforming recruitment, using machine learning and natural language to automate communications with candidates. They come in all shapes and sizes, and tackle a host of recruitment challenges including automating tasks, scheduling, recognising flaws in the candidate experience, identifying communication roadblocks and more. While a great time-saver, they can be quite expensive so perhaps are better suited to larger agencies handling high volumes.

8. Gamification

As more and more of the workforce are millennials, so gamification – using elements and techniques from games in a different context – has gained importance. Rather than just fun, these tools (Virti is a great example) have a strategic value, allowing you to attract top talent and successfully test them on industry knowledge and skills, both during the application process and increasingly as part of onboarding.

9. Data protection software

One of the biggest concerns for recruiters, especially with increased working from home, your data protection needs to be secure and flexible. Tools such as Itris 9 give you just that, with secure data access from any location via unique hybrid cloud technology and an advanced user interface.

10. Back Office

OK, so we’re not really a recruitment ‘tool’…but we can certainly help save you time and money by taking care of many of your day-to-day functions, leaving you to get on with what you do best – recruiting!


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