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In recruitment, your temps and recruiters are your most valuable resource. Making sure they’re paid promptly and accurately is crucial to your business, and while payroll finance keeps cash flow running smoothly you simply can’t afford any mistakes. You need a provider you can rely on to be accurate, reliable and always there for you. And with no set up costs and 100% funding, switching to Back Office makes more sense than ever.

Your 4 steps to switching

Step 1

Pass us details

We protect you by having your clients credit limit in place

Step 2

Give Notice

Give formal notice to your current provider

Step 3

Set a Date

When you’re ready, we’ll contact your provider to set a date for a seamless transfer, when we’ll buy your ledger from them and take over managing it

Step 4

Let clients know

The day after transfer, we’ll let all your clients know and update them fully. Then it’s business as usual!

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