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We’re often asked, particularly when we’re talking to a new or prospective client, ‘what makes Back Office Support Services special? ‘Talk to anyone who’s worked with us for a while, and they’ll tell you it’s the people. So let us introduce you to some of those who make our recruitment agency funding business – and, in turn, so many recruitment businesses – tick.

We have been around for quite a while. Since 1998 in fact, and in that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes. What hasn’t changed, is our dedication to helping recruitment businesses thrive and grow by providing a range of administrative, financial and compliance services.

From payroll funding, credit protection and credit control to invoicing, compliance and VAT payment, our company has always prided itself on offering not only an in-depth knowledge and excellent level of service, but also in doing everything ‘the right way’. Following the same core values we drew up all those years ago.

People say that’s why they like working with us; they tell us we take care, we’re reliable and completely open in everything we do. It’s what makes us different from other providers – and no doubt why we’ve built so many long-term relationships with clients who trust us implicitly to look after their business.

But of course, such an approach only works when you have the right people in place. And we might be biased, but we believe we have some of the best (at least, that’s what clients tell us!).

The superstars behind our super feedback.

So just who are these guardian angels constantly looking out for recruitment businesses? There are now over 35 people working at Back Office, but here are a few snippets about some of the key people you’re likely to come across…

Julie, Credit Control Team Leader

After 13 years at Back Office, Julie loves her colleagues and the work philosophy they all share, and also the relationships she’s built with clients (her relationship with Italian food comes a close second though!).

Sara, Payroll Account Manager and Training

Support – Sara wears several hats at Back Office (and looks good in all of them), but her main focus is to make sure all clients are always looked after and makes the most of our all our payroll funding solutions.

Diane, Pension Co-Ordinator

Diane’s role involves sorting out Auto Enrolment for clients’ pension accounts. She has worked with the majority of our clients for many years and cherishes the strong relationship she now holds with them (it must be why she’s been with us for over 13 years herself!).

Natalie, Senior Credit Control Administrator

Another Back Office ‘veteran’, having been with us for 14 years, Natalie undertakes a crucial role in credit control and for clients behind the scenes, and loves hearing their positive feedback.

Nancia, Payroll Account Manager

Taking care of client’s payroll processing from start to finish, Nancia makes sure everything runs with maximum efficiency, and remains compliant! In fact, the only time she gets crafty is outside of work, when she’s sewing!

Lucy, New Business Account Manager

Lucy’s spent the last 7 years or so helping our clients come on-board smoothly. For her, the best part of her job is building a relationship with recruitment agencies face to face (or currently, screen to screen!).

Ian, IT Manager

Looking after all our IT systems and developing bespoke software, Ian’s very much a problem solver and admits he’s a ‘standard nerd’ (and Star Trek fan)! He loves the banter in the IT team and the fact they have each other’s backs, and relishes the opportunity to deliver tailored software that meets client’s needs exactly.

Of course, if you’d like to get to know any of our team better – and make running your recruitment business much easier in the process – just give us a call on 01260 280 290 or send us an email.

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Janine Ambrose, Business Development Manager
Janine Ambrose

Business Development Manager

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