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How to win at recruitment? Personalise the experience.

We all know recruitment’s a people business. But in recent years, technological advances have automated much of the process – which is why, more than ever, personalising the candidate experience can pay dividends. Here’s why it’s so important.

Technology’s all well and good; as recruiters, it can help you be more organised, work more efficiently and make some of the admin easier (indeed, over the last year or so it’s become invaluable in keeping us all going!). Many see the move away from face-to-face recruitment as detrimental to the candidate experience though. But in actual fact, it can make it more personalised than ever – and that can be crucial to your reputation, your client’s brand and most of all to the candidates themselves.

The candidates’ perspective

Vague job descriptions, impersonal emails, being left in the dark about progress or important decisions – candidates always want as much information and personalised interaction as possible right from the start of the recruitment process. And these days we have so much data about them, there’s no reason why they can’t have it.

For example, job descriptions that are woolly or over-complicated give a negative impression to candidates, and even prevent them applying. This is the first interaction they have with you and your client, so make sure you use what you know about the sort of candidate you’re after to engage with them.

Even if you’re dealing in large volumes there’s no reason why emails can’t at least carry first and last names, and the more personal you can make it the better. Engaging with candidates doesn’t always have to be face-to-face either: virtual tours, live chats and virtual meetings all play a big part, and as long as you keep them informed at every stage, their experience will be positive.

The advantage for employers

You might think the current high unemployment rates would give employers an advantage, but the skills shortage that was there before the pandemic is still there now – making it just as important to attract top talent.

Personalising the hiring process from the start not only makes sure the right people are attracted to the role, but also keeps them engaged with the employer’s brand, building more of a relationship, making them feel more invested in their future and making them more likely to choose your client over a rival.

And once candidates have had a positive experience with their new employer, they’re more likely to recommend them – and you – to their contacts.

The benefits for recruiters

Of course, you’re at the sharp end of all this. Much of the personalisation of the process is down to you as the recruiter, and each candidate you deal with gives you an ideal opportunity to enhance your reputation through making their experience a positive one. It also improves your ability to build a more effective candidate pipeline – and making the process more engaging and personalised reflects well on your client, helping you to build a stronger relationship with them too.

So the truth is, technology can actually improve your personalisation rather than reducing it. Using a TRM (Talent Relationship Management) platform, for example, to move candidates quickly and efficiently through a unique and automated recruitment process also gives you plenty of scope to customise the way you interact with them at each stage.

And besides enabling you to use the wealth of data more effectively, such automation gives you more time to use 1:1 interaction when it’s needed.

At Back Office we specialise in saving you time on the admin behind your recruitment business, to give you more time to improve your candidate and client relationships and build your business. If you’d like to find out more, just call us on 01260 280 290 or drop us an email.

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