Recruitment finance solutions are essential for a growing recruitment agency. It’s a very competitive industry, so staying ahead of your biggest rivals is key to success. The best way to do this is by building a solid relationship with your existing clients. They will then work with you more in the future, bringing in more business for you, and you’ll soon be known as the go-to for temporary workers.


Why you need Recruitment Finance

Our service enables you to focus on growing your business, while we take care of things that are important, and make sure they’re done properly. This is what our service includes:

When you provide temporary workers, it’s vital that these workers are paid on time, every time. With us, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll always be taken care of.


Improving Relationships with Recruitment Finance

If your recruitment finance is handled by professionals, it can help you to develop the relationship you have with your clients. Most recruitment companies work with the same clients for years, providing temporary workers from a pool of quality candidates.

When these workers prove valuable to your clients, it reflects positively on both you and your business. Your clients will then be more inclined to return to you for future staffing needs. However, this isn’t the only way you can strengthen your client relationships.


How Payroll can Improve Company/Client Relationships

For a recruitment company, your main focus is ensuring your temps and contractors are paid on time. It isn’t easy to do in-house, especially when you have to consider holiday pay, SSP, IR35, and auto enrolment for pensions. Any mistakes can not only cause issues for the worker(s), but also your client.

If these issues are frequent, your reputation will soon be in tatters, and your clients will look elsewhere to fill their vacancies. To prevent this, we not only handle the admin for you; we make sure it is done perfectly.


How Invoicing can Improve Company/Client Relationships

Invoicing is a tricky, but necessary, part of a business. Chasing invoices is never fun, as they’re the lifeblood of your operation, and often you can’t keep the lights on for long if they aren’t paid on time.

The most common cause of late invoices is an issue with the invoice itself. This can be a mistake, inaccuracy, or it was sent incorrectly. We mitigate this risk by checking, double checking, and checking again to ensure they’re spot on.

Every invoice we submit on your behalf will still be yours. It has your brand name, logo, company number, and VAT number. This means that these accurate invoices promote you, not us.


How Credit Control can Improve Company/Client Relationships

Another key element of client relationships is credit control. If your clients are struggling with bad debt, this can reflect badly on you.

We provide a dedicated credit controller who will develop a complete understanding of you and your customers. They will conduct thorough credit checks and monitor clients’ credit limits as they grow. With this knowledge at our fingertips, we can then support both you and your clients, making your relationship better than ever.

Our service also includes bad debt protection. If any of your pre-approved clients unfortunately go out of business, you’ll still be paid if they go into administration. Your reputation will remain intact, as will your cash flow.


The Benefit of Better Client Relationships

If your clients consider you reliable, as well as provide the best temporary workers and contractors, you’ll gain a reputation as the go-to recruitment company.

If you need an edge in your industry, recruitment finance services can give you a leg up, and help you build and maintain great relationships with your clients.