It’s in your name. so we make sure it’s 100% correct!

Mistakes don’t just take time to resolve, they also chip away at your clients’ confidence. That’s why we have processes and procedures, checks, double checks and triple checks in place to get your invoicing right first time, every time.

We were also the first company in the UK to take a step back and invoice in our clients’ names, not our own. The invoices we issue on your behalf carry your company name, your logo, your company and VAT numbers.

Why does this matter?

  • It’s your money, not ours. The sales revenue stays on your books, good news for your business profile, your credit rating and your accountant.
  • It builds your brand. Every communication with your clients, even an invoice, is an opportunity to create awareness of your brand and to strengthen relationships. It’s you they wanted to deal with, not us!

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