Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

These are just some of the questions that we get asked most often. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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1 What does Back Office Support Services not do?

Invoice in our own name, or just refer to your name in small print.

Treat your invoices as our own statutory revenues.

Treat your temps or contractors as our own!

Charge separately for admin and interest etc.

Charge fees on the VAT component of your invoices.

Have ownership ties to another (rival) organisation.

Apply concentration limits.

Charge minimum annual fees.

2 How would you describe your level of customer service?

Our aim is to get it right first time, to go above and beyond and exceed our clients’ expectations. We really do love it if we can create the ‘Wow factor’. Excellent customer service is at the heart of all we do.

But here is how one of our clients describes it;

"Thank you for making all our lives, including our accountants, far easier and simpler; you are so much better than all of your competitors, who just don't understand the words 'support' or 'service'."

3 How much funding will I receive and when?

You will receive 100% funding (minus Back Office Support Services' fees). That includes your contractors’ and temps’ pay, VAT if applicable and your gross profit. We’ll send you a detailed analysis every Thursday and your margin will be paid upfront into your bank account every Friday.

4 How do you pay contractors and temporary workers?

We cover all the options. We can pay your contractors and temporary workers in any of the following ways;

  • PAYE
  • Limited Contractors
  • VAT Registered Limited Companies
  • Umbrella Companies

We also deal with all associated PAYE and NI deductions and any CSA, student loans or attachment of earnings.

5 How do we deal with PAYE / NI deductions if I supply PAYE temporary workers

You don't have to. We work it all out for you, based on each individual’s personal tax code. We deduct them from your workers’ gross pay. We pay them over to the Inland Revenue (on your behalf).

We also manage the Real Time Information (RTI) on your behalf

6 How do we know that Back Office has paid over our PAYE/NI liability?

Many providers will just have a single scheme with the Inland Revenue, therefore in tax terms they will be considered as the providers’ own temps, not yours, so your PAYE/NI liability and payments will be hidden in one big pot, making them hard to track. But with Back Office Support Services, every client has their own individual scheme with the Inland Revenue – so if you ever want to independently verify your company’s position, feel free!

7 Do Back Office Support Services assist with AWR compliance?

Yes, we support all our clients by producing a weekly report which identifies:

  • Temps / Contractors who have worked less than 12 weeks. We will also produce a trigger report which identifies which workers are getting close to 12 weeks.
  • Temps / Contractors who are working post 12 weeks. We will ask if they should be receiving enhanced pay and holiday entitlement. Our bespoke systems will prompt your payroller to question their pay rate and holiday entitlement to help you avoid inadvertent noncompliance.
  • Temps / Contractors who have had a 6 week break in between assignments.

8 Do Back Office Support Services offer help with Auto enrolment pensions?

Yes, we have the knowledge and expertise to support your agency through Auto Enrolment Pensions. We offer a bespoke service and also have our own dedicated Pensions Co-ordinator.

With our attention to detail and right-first-time approach, you’re in good hands even with something as complex as Auto enrolment pensions.

9 How do we deal with VAT?

You can forget about ‘putting money away’ each week to pay your VAT, as we do it for you.

When your VAT is due, we’ll send you a schedule showing both VAT on sales (to be paid) and VAT on costs (to be claimed back). If a payment is owed, we will then send you the money to cover it. VAT returns will no longer be a source of anxiety – you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have enough money to pay what’s due.

10 Can Back Office Support Services pay my VAT direct on my behalf like PAYE/NI?

Unfortunately, no we can't as you will have also paid VAT on your own overheads such as telephones, advertising etc, which we know nothing about. When you fill in your quarterly VAT return, you can claim this back off the government, so your actual VAT due will be LESS than the amount we have given you.

The result: every quarter you have cash surplus on VAT to look forward to!

11 I’m concerned about credit control – how do you manage my clients?

We speak to your clients in the same way you would speak to them yourself, with courtesy and respect at all times. After all, part of our service is protecting and supporting your company image.

Back Office Support Services employ a team of highly professional credit controllers who handle things personally and tactfully (we don't just send out letters like so many other providers).

A good relationship between credit control and client can make all the difference: issues are spotted earlier and resolved more easily. And if we should have any concerns over non-payment we will always consult with you first.

12 What happens if a debt reaches 90 days and my client still hasn’t paid?

When it comes to handling longstanding overdue payments, Back Office Support Services are unique. Other providers will automatically take the debt off your margin once it reaches a certain number of days (usually 90 days). At Back Office Support Services, this is the last thing we want to do; we’re your business partners and we’ll do our best to support you all the way.

13 How good is your attention to detail?

In a word, exemplary. We know just how important it is to ensure that your contractors and temps are paid on time and your clients invoiced correctly.

Unhappy contractors, temps and clients could be costly and potentially damaging to your business and reputation, which is why we make sure your payroll goes through so many processes and checks before it leaves our door.

14 Back office suppliers charge in so many different ways – how can I compare prices?

Correct – it can be a minefield so watch out for some of the weasel pricing methods out there.

Back Office Support Services keep it simple, straightforward and transparent. We always quote up front, and we charge a % fee of your pre VAT sales revenue. It couldn't be easier and you can be reassured there will be no unwelcome surprises or hidden charges.

Contrast our approach with some of the alternatives being offered:

  • Some providers break their services down and charge for each one; for instance, an administration charge, an interest charge, credit checking charges, setup charges and drawdown charges. Some of these charges, curiously are not brought to your attention until it’s too late – after you have signed the contract.
  • Some providers charge your fee on post VAT revenue, which can cost you more.
  • With some providers, you pay interest on outstanding debts, so what’s in it for them if you don’t have any? Hardly an incentive to manage your credit control well.
  • Some providers do not fund 100%, it may be, say 80%. But they may still charge you the same amount.



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