What do Millenials want from their career?

There’s no doubt that Millenials have been a driving force for change in a number of different sectors, from entertainment to fashion to technology. A huge amount of research has been done into what is considered a complex generation, but what is it that Millenials want from their career and how have employers responded to this?

Millenials are roughly classified as those born between 1980 and 1996, so are aged between 21 and 37. In comparison to older generations who were more focussed on job security, Millenials are more interested in finding a job that’s right for them. Often called the ‘job-hopping’ generation, Millenials are willing to move jobs until they find something suitable. In fact, 41% expect to be in their current job for less than 2 years – which of course, is great news for those of you in the recruitment industry!

Contrary to popular belief, Millenials don’t value the stereotypical ‘cool’ office environments (beanbags, pool tables, BBQs…you get the picture). What they really want is a meaningful job that will compensate them fairly for their work and loyalty – sounds fair, right?

According to research, 85% of Millenials want to work for a socially responsible or ethical company and ¾ are willing to take a pay cut to do so. Millenials also value the chance to grow and develop in their role, so will look out for jobs that have clear routes to progression and supporting mentors that they can learn from.

Millenials also desire flexibility, choosing when and where they work rather than being confined to the strict regime of the traditional 9-5. Indeed, 77% of Millenials say that flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age. More and more employers have adopted a flexible approach to working hours as a result of this, giving staff the option to work variable hours or from home.

Of course, as Millenials are on their way to becoming the majority in the workforce, it’s natural that employers have made changes to accommodate their wants and needs. For employers to retain top talent they need to invest in their staff, and this is exactly what Millenials are inspiring employers to do.

Millenials want to feel confident that their employers will repay their loyalty and as many are now becoming employers themselves, we’ll see their impact on the workplace even wider.

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