We all need a moan now and again – How to avoid falling into the toxic trap.

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Sometimes we all need a good moan. Like everyone, I have stood in the kitchen and really let off steam about something or other that was really irritating me. The truth is though that I, like most people, actually rather enjoy what I do. I genuinely look forward to coming to work where I spend my day with a great team and deal with some brilliant clients. Yet, I still need that moan now and again because we all do. I think it probably even does us good to have a bit of a rant now and again because, let’s face it, if we were upbeat, cheerful and totally positive all the time, we wouldn’t be human.

That said, there is a line where the natural need for a bit of a whinge becomes a problem. I am sure you have met the occasional person who steps over that line and becomes a toxic influence in a workplace. When that happens it can be difficult to deal with because our natural inclination is to support the people around us and offer a sympathetic ear. However toxicity can spread and if you allow it to, it can easily turn that happy experience of coming to work into a less than happy one. In the workplace it is usually impossible to avoid them so you need to find a way of dealing with it.

Just to clarify what we mean, a toxic personality will often do the following:

I am sure you have come across someone like that so here are 5 tips for dealing with that toxic person to avoid letting them affect your well being.

If all else fails you may need to put in a complaint (this is a must if the complaining and toxicity becomes threatening) but for the most part put up a few clear boundaries, don’t get involved and you will find the person moves on to another target.

The really important thing is not to allow the attitude to spread to you. Whatever else you do be aware of the potential for you to become the toxic person yourself because it all starts somewhere.

Fortunately we have a great team here at Back Office Support Services and I couldn’t be happier at work.

I still enjoy the occasional moan though – I think we all deserve one now and again.



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