100% Recruitment Funding

For recruiters, cash flow is king

Payroll funding for recruitment agencies

Cash flow is the life blood of any business, especially recruitment agencies. If you’re just starting out, do you have the funding resources to make sure all your contractors and temps are paid on time, every time? If you’re established, could the right financing solution help you expand?

Back Office Support Services offer 100% payroll funding for recruitment agencies, also known as invoice financing or invoice factoring. By providing you with the recruitment finance you need, it takes away uncertainty and gives you the stability and resources to run and grow your recruitment business successfully.

Setting up your ideal funding solution is easy

As you'd expect from Back Office, it's easy to arrange your payroll finance. Once you get in touch, we'll assess what you need, answer any questions you have and even connect you to some of our existing clients if you want to hear their first-hand views of the payroll funding service we provide.

We'll explain how our fee works, how the process works and what you can expect from us. Our complete back office support service includes invoice funding, payroll services, credit control and bad debt protection - all designed to free up your time to focus on recruitment, rather than running your business.

Contacts us today and find out how your recruitment agency could benefit.

How does payroll funding work?

Essentially, payroll funding is instant cashflow for your recruitment business. We offer 100% funding which means each week your temps or contractors get paid and you receive your profit (minus our fees) each week too.

One of the main differences with Back Office is, we specialise in funding for recruitment agencies. We fund your contractors’ and temps’ pay in full (100%), VAT where applicable and all of your gross profit (minus only our agreed fees). Watch out for providers who only allow you 70% of your invoice value, with the rest due only when your client pays - leaving you with the same cashflow problem you started with.

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