Credit Control

A difficult job done well

Bad debt is one of the biggest threats any agency can face, but if you plan for the worst, and manage any problems well – with tact and diplomacy but also a certain amount of dogged determination, then the impact can be significantly reduced if not removed altogether.

How do we do it?

We get to know you better. Back Office Support Services give you a dedicated credit controller who will get to understand your business and your customers, advise you and represent your company with respect and professionalism.

We stop problems before they start. Unlimited company credit checks are included at no extra cost.

Credit limits that grow with your business. If clients’ growing requirements push them close to their individual credit limit, we can ensure that this doesn’t restrict your ability to supply all the temps and contractors they need.

We work harder. With tact and tenacity, we do all we can to resolve your clients’ debts while maintaining your relationship with them.

We keep you informed. We keep you up to date with any situation as it develops, and give you our best advice at every stage.

As a last resort… Legal assistance and debt recovery support are all part of the service.

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