Peace of mind is part of the package

Bad debt protection

Safeguard against client insolvency

Bad debt and the risk of non-payment are a major threat to your business. But bad debt protection can give you the reassurance that you’re covered if any pre-approved clients get into financial difficulties. It simply means you’ll still get paid if your client can’t settle their invoices.

Unlike many other providers, at Back Office we include both unlimited credit checks and bad debt protection as part of our standard back office service. This allows us to help protect your business and protect your cash flow, providing you with the peace of mind you need to take on new clients with ease.

How would my business benefit from bad debt protection?

Forewarned is forearmed. So, to minimise the risk of bad debt, we can easily integrate credit checks into your sales process. It means that any new client will be thoroughly vetted to make sure they're financially sound before you supply a single temp or contractor.
Our credit control team will work with you too, helping to minimise the risks from existing clients to stop problems before they start, and to resolve debt issues while maintaining your relationship with them.

What about credit checks?

Solving debt problems before they start is best, that’s why we include unlimited credit checks and credit protection as standard. But if the worst should happen, our bad debt protection offers complete protection for your business.

We'll establish a credit limit for each client you want to cover, then as long as you trade within it you’ll have the reassurance of 100% protection if the company should go into insolvency.*
*Excesses apply

Setting up bad debt protection is easy

When you use Back Office to take care of your invoice financing, payroll and other services, we automatically include bad debt protection as part of the package. We'll go through the details in full when you initially approach us, and you could be covered in as little as 24 hours. It's as easy as that.

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