Remember your first job

Sometimes, even when we’re really busy (which is most of the time!), the conversation here at Back Office turns to lighter topics. Favourite films, best books, top 10 albums…they’ve all made an appearance.

But the other day, the talk turned to first jobs (I guess that’s only natural, given we work with so many recruitment agencies).

Now, we all remember our first job, for all sorts of reasons. It might be that the money you earned paid for your driving lessons, or your first car. Perhaps it was how you finally had a little bit of independence, earning a little bit of money to do whatever you liked with. Or maybe it had a huge influence over your chosen career…whether that’s helping you find what you wanted to do (or putting you off something forever!).

Everyone has to start somewhere, of course – Alan Sugar had a milk and paper round, for instance, while Elon Musk swept floors in a lumber mill and Jeff Bezos was a cashier at McDonald’s! With that in mind, we went round the office to discover everyone’s first jobs.

Here are just a few.

Natalie Harvey, Business Analyst

It was serving breakfast to guests at a hotel on Blackpool promenade. I hated getting up early (I was working every day before going to school!), and the smell of kippers made me sick – but I loved making sure the guests’ days started well!

Phil Hewitt, IT Support

My first job was at a Chinese take away. None of the chefs could pronounce my name so I got called ‘ill’. I learnt a few words of Mandarin there but they’re unrepeatable.

Ian Fone, Senior Test Co-Ordinator

I was on checkouts in a local superstore. The best bit was embarrassing people by shouting “I’m selling alcohol” to my nearest colleague (I was only 16 at the time, so couldn’t sell alcohol underage!). When I turned 18, I was just as happy to be able to legally sell alcohol as buy it! Sad really…

Aaron Richardson, Credit Controller

Working on a farm in the stable block with horses in Oxford. Had to walk 10 miles whatever the weather to muck out and groom the horses. I also helped out when the pigs and cattle escaped once, and remember volunteering to test the electric fence when they’d been recaptured!

Nancia Sharp, Payroll Account Manager

I had a summer holiday job at a ground risk management company, going through years of old projects, scanning the documents and archiving them on their computer system. Most were maps and drawings up to size A0 and difficult to unfold where they were covered in mud from being on-site. I became a pro at unjamming maps from the huge scanner!

Tell us about your first job – or better still, the most interesting first job you’ve ever seen on a CV! #firstjob


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