Problems looming in student recruitment?

There could be a perfect storm brewing in graduate recruitment. The recent report The Must-Know Student Recruitment Trends in the UK for 2019, from global talent acquisition software provider Oleeo and employer branding consultancy Universum, highlighted some interesting trends that could create quite a challenge for recruiters.

Essentially, the study found that on average candidates apply for graduate schemes with 29 different employers, with companies in the professional services and financial sectors attracting by far the most applications.

But last year the numbers hired fell from 2% to 1%, following a general declining trend in graduate recruitment. And with fewer graduate posts to go for, students are trying to increase their chances by applying for more jobs – twice as many as 10 years ago, in fact.

That means that recruiters are having to deal with larger volumes of applications than ever – leaving employers racing to get through all the applications to find the best talent.

So what can be done to help alleviate the situation?

Smarter screening could be the answer. Using intelligent selection that scores and screens applicants can also help employers to better engage candidates, so they follow the process to the end rather than dropping out part-way through.

With the percentage hired falling, candidates will naturally gravitate towards the first offer they receive, and often accept the job while they consider their other options – making companies vulnerable to the frustrations of their new employee backing out.

That means both employers and recruiters need to be on the ball, and deal with candidates the right way – so that when they’ve found the right talent, they keep it.

What’s your experience with graduate recruitment? Do you agree with the report’s findings? And how do you think the market will change? Join the conversation over on our LinkedIn page – 

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