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Is the art of conversation dying? You’d think so, given how few people even pick up the phone these days – but at Back Office, we still believe in the power of speech…

We’ve all seen them. Walk along any street, and chances are you’ll spot several ‘phone zombies’, focused on their smartphone rather than where they’re going. Ironically though, while there are more phones out there than ever fewer people are actually using them to talk to others. But why?

It’s a millennial thing…

Millennials come in for a lot of stick – and while we don’t want to give them any more, it’s certainly that generation that’s more reluctant to pick up the phone to talk to people.

That’s because they’re the first to have grown up using text, emails and instant messaging to communicate with friends…which makes talking to someone on a phone more daunting. In a conversation, you don’t get the chance to consider or compose your response – you have to react instantly, which increases the chance of saying the wrong thing.

There’s also a feeling that making a phone call to someone is more intrusive, even selfish, as you’re interrupting whatever they’re doing. Many even prefer to email first, to make sure it’s OK to ring.

But in truth, there are all sorts of benefits to using the phone.

Make that call!

Modern life is all about instant results. And few things can give you a more instant response than talking to someone directly. So resolving routine issues is much easier with a quick call.

It’s a great way to promote teamwork too, as collaborating with others is much easier over the phone.

But there’s one reason above all others that we at Back Office still love picking up the phone and talking to clients.

Email and text can be great for certain things – such as leaving a string or trail of messages to refer back to – but warmth isn’t one of them.

In a phone conversation, you can convey warmth, instil confidence, garner trust and build a proper relationship with someone. In our case it’s our clients – who more often than not are calling for support in one form or another.

That, of course, is a key part of what every member of our team does; and so (unlike some of our rivals), we’re happy to chat.

At Back Office, you’ll find the art of conversation is alive and kicking!

If you’d like to talk to any of the Back Office team, just pick up the phone!

Call us on 01260 280 290.


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