Marketing for recruiters on a budget

Marketing on a budget

The initial costs that go hand in hand with setting up your own recruitment agency often means that you have little or no budget for marketing – but don’t let this stop you from spreading the word that you’re open for business.

We’ve put together a list of ways in which you can raise the profile of your new recruitment agency without breaking the bank.

Social media

The most obvious route to go down when marketing on a budget is social media. Setting up accounts across the top 3 channels for business – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, will help to increase your visibility and reach with no added cost. See our blog post to learn more about using social media to your advantage.


Exploit any existing relationships with relevant organisations, and use local business events to make new connections. Building up your business network can help you benefit from cross-promotion, and the potential of a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ arrangement. This situation can prove to be mutually beneficial for both parties – helping them reach new audiences without any money changing hands.


Email marketing is a low cost way to reach new customers and develop existing connections. Really think about your subject line to encourage users to open the email, keeping content concise and engaging with a clear call to action. There are lots of free online tools that can help you with email marketing – we recommend Mailchimp.


Lots of recruitment agencies effectively use referral schemes to increase their pool of candidates. Offering an incentive to clients who refer a friend is a cheap and easy way to capitalise on word-of-mouth advertising. Popular incentives include high street shopping vouchers or tech prizes such as Apple Watches or iPads.


It’s a good idea to set up a blog on your company’s website and fill it with engaging content that could be useful to your prospective customers. Content that is interesting and sharable helps to increase your reach and can help drive traffic to your website. Be sure to post regular links to your blog posts on your social media channels.

Business cards

It might sound simplistic, but never underestimate the power of a good business card. Make sure you have a stock of business cards on you whenever you attend networking events, and don’t forget to hand them out! A good tip is to give your close friends and family members a few of your business cards to hand out in case they meet anyone that could be a prospective client. Vistaprint always have great deals on.

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