Don’t settle for poor credit control.

Bad debt can cause any recruitment business real issues – but the impact can be minimised or even removed completely with good credit control. That’s why at Back Office Support Services we give you a dedicated credit controller who understands the relationship between you and your clients, and who picks up queries and doesn’t let debts drift.

They will deal with such delicate matters with respect and professionalism, using tact and diplomacy to resolve client debts without jeopardising your working relationship.

We also include bad debt protection as part of our service, which gives you the reassurance that you’re covered if any pre-approved customers go out of business.

If that sounds like a better service than you’re currently getting, talk to us today about making the switch.

  • Dedicated credit controller
  • Understands you and your clients
  • Professional and diplomatic approach
  • Bad debt protection


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Back Office Support Services makes dealing with debt easier.

Credit Controller
Credit Controller

Your dedicated credit controller builds a thorough understanding of your business and your clients to give you the best advice possible.

Credit checks
Credit checks

We prevent problems before they start with unlimited credit checks as standard.

Maintaining relationships
Maintaining relationships

We do our best to resolve debt while maintaining your relationship with your clients – so you have no restrictions on supplying temps and contractors.

Legal support
Legal support

As a last resort we also include legal assistance and debt recovery support.

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Back Office Support Services. Quite clearly, better credit control.

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