Inertia, are we all guilty?

We are all guilty of inertia in our working and personal life, how many of us think about switching utility providers but never get round to it or settle for a service in our working lives we are not satisfied with. We lead such busy lives that is no surprise we don’t make these changes or reviews, we are all guilty m ’lord.

Whether you are a supplier to recruiters or a recruiter we all strive to offer a high level of service but as are only all too aware there are some out there that ‘let the side down’. This of course makes our job so much harder to get the message across that we are different and we can actually enhance a business and not impede it.

I do ponder over why businesses accept a service that they have negative issues with or don’t conduct reviews of all their suppliers and I have come to the conclusion that it may be ‘better the devil you know’ or simply businesses feel they haven’t got the time to invest in a review however for a small investment of time they and their business will benefit in the long term.

A fine example of being assumptive comes from a new client at Back Office Support Services who for a number of years had assumed that they were on the receiving end of a fairly good service however due to a number of recent issues they decided to seek an alternative provider.   We were delighted they chose to join Back Office as we knew what a positive difference we were going to make to their business but don’t just take our word for it this is what they said:-

“As you know we had been with one of the largest Factoring companies for a number of years and thought we were getting a good service, however having made the decision to change to yourselves we have come to realise what service really means and that we were getting a really raw deal before”

So what steps can we take to ensure we getting the best service:-

And look for the key characteristics:-

And ask:-


Taking the above steps and setting time aside to do them is a sound investment for you and a your business and don’t forget “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

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