I love meeting ambitious recruiters

People and relationships are at the heart of recruitment. And they’re one of the biggest reasons recruiters like working with Back Office. Janine Ambrose, Business Development Manager explains.

“I’ve always been a people person. After I left school in Rochdale (a few too many years ago now!), I spent several years abroad as a rep for Cosmos Holidays, and you certainly get to work with a lot of people doing that!

“Once I came back and got a ‘proper job’ though, I discovered my passion for recruitment, working in the industry for 12 years before coming to work at Back Office. So it’d be fair to say I know the business quite well.

“What I absolutely love most about what I do here though, is being able to make a huge difference to the recruitment businesses I work with. There’s nothing more rewarding than meeting a client, getting to know them and helping them turn their recruitment agency into a successful business.

“It’s always great to see someone set up from scratch and grow, but equally rewarding to get lovely remarks from agencies that come to us from other providers – invariably they say they should have done it sooner!

“I put that down to the flexibility and service we offer…not many other providers offer those to quite the same level we do, and you won’t find a friendlier bunch of people than the team here! I always think that’s really important; if you’re a client, you need to get on well with people you work closely with. After all, you’re trusting them with your business.

“2018’s going to be a busy year, I think. One reason is GDPR of course, which affects all sorts of industries but especially recruitment, so we’ve put together comprehensive guides and are working with a specialist data protection consultancy to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for clients.

“What tips would I have for anyone starting out or looking to grow? Do your research, try to have a mentor if you can and although it’s hard work you’ll find it really rewarding. Remember, there’s a solution to most things…and you can always call us when you need help with any business support!”

To talk to Janine or any of the Back Office team, just call 01260 280 290.

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