Given up on your new year resolutions? – That may be a good thing.

Like most of us, a few weeks ago you probably made some heartfelt promises about making changes in the coming year, and like most of us, you have probably abandoned a few of them already.

OK, first off let me say that I am not a cynic or being generally grumpy about the idea of New Year’s resolutions. I actually think they can really be very useful. If nothing else at the turn of the year we tend to take the time to really look at our lives and decide what we want to improve. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

My problem with resolutions is that sticking to them is not always the right thing to do. It is easy sitting around the table in front of a huge meal on New Year’s day to make big promises about a healthy walk every day or taking our own packed lunch to work full of healthy contributions to our five a day. At the end of January with the rain battering against the windows, the wind rattling, with a heavy cold threatening to knock you off your feet, or the morning you oversleep and need to rush to an early meeting, our promises tend to seem less practical.

You know what? Don’t beat yourself up about it. You are not actually abandoning your resolutions you are just adjusting them to match the circumstances. Going out in the freezing cold when you are not feeling well is not a good idea and if you don’t have time to make lunch then you can’t make it.

My point here is that resolutions to improve ourselves are usually linked to a bigger goal. In my fictional (honestly) example above, these are the desire to be a little healthier and eat well. Not going out in the winter weather or making sure you have lunch even if it’s not homemade are still part of the same process.

Flexibility and adaptability have to be built into how we do things, or we leave ourselves open to doing the wrong thing while trying to do right.

So why are New Year’s resolutions on my mind at the moment? Well, it’s because they reflect how we need to work here at Back Office Support Services. We are all about process, and we are all about hitting the mark, and our commitment to the service we offer our clients. These are our resolutions, and we stick to them.

Unless they need changing because the circumstances surrounding them change.

As much as you have the right to expect us to manage, for example, your payroll or auto-enrolment with the strictest commitment to our resolution of service, you also have every right to expect us to adapt to new legislation and working practices as they occur. It is all part of the service we offer that we keep you up to date with requirements and advise you of the best options. If we stuck to our initial practices without reacting to new developments, we would have real problems.

So, as long as you are keeping to the principle, maybe don’t be too hard on yourself if those promises you made have changed slightly. It is probably for quite reasonable reason and absolutely necessary due to the prevailing circumstances. The important thing is to do what is right to achieve your aims.

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