Prepare to welcome Generation Z

Post-Millenials, the iGeneration, Generation Z…however you refer to them, you’d best be ready for the next wave of candidates – because by 2020, it’s estimated they’ll make up 36% of the global workforce.

How are they different?

This is a generation born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, and they’ve grown up not knowing a world without smartphones and social media (the iPhone launched in 2007, Facebook in 2004). Consequently they’re extremely tech-savvy, and used to having everything available immediately.

They grew up through the 2008 recession, and may have seen their parents go through various upheavals – so they now see job and financial stability as more important than salary. They’re ambitious and entrepreneurial too, and will look for ways to accelerate their career; many seek a mentor rather than a boss.

They’ll also be the most diverse generation yet, so will champion equality – and expect their employers to support it, not just at work but outside too.

On one hand, they prefer privacy, look for quick, accessible answers and are informal communicators (remember, they’re used to only having 140 characters!). While on the other, they’ll multi-task easily, be adaptable to change and embrace new communications and collaboration tools.

How to recruit Gen Zers

This will be the first academic year that true Generation Z alumni will enter the workforce and, like Millennials before them, they’ll bring a new energy and approach. But recruiting them may also need new tactics…

Talk to them in their language

That means communicating via social media, using recruitment apps and even making sure your website’s optimised for mobile (simple, but it makes a difference!).

Tell them what they want to hear

Gen Z candidates will be looking wider than just the job on offer – they’ll want to know about the employer’s company culture, about the value of their role and the impact they’ll have on the business, and about their potential career path beyond the initial job. They’ll also be attracted by flexible hours and remote working.

Streamline your recruitment process

This generation is used to balancing many digital feeds at once, so use it to your advantage – communicate by email, mobile, instant messaging and apps, and even consider live streaming if appropriate, even for interviews. They expect regular updates and information too, so make sure they get them!

Like it or not, Generation Z will bring a whole new set of qualities, needs and wants over the next few years. But if you think ahead and prepare properly, this could be a golden opportunity for recruiters – and of course, at Back Office we’ll help you make the most of it.

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