Creating a new website and why we refuse to accept adequate

We are having a new website designed while I am writing this. By the time you come to read this article the new site may well be live, but just now we are still working on it. We are also right in the middle of a very busy period and yet we are spending additional time on sorting out a new website. There is a surprising amount to be considered. Some of it, such as the overall look and the graphics, is quite fun to do and some of it, like the transfer of the text and so on, can be pretty mundane but all of it is time consuming when we are currently so busy.

The easy option would be to just let it ride for another few months. The old site is adequate and has served us well so why not just push the new site back a few months?

The answer to that question is in the word ‘adequate’. Of course the last time we changed our site it was a whizzy, bang up to date, front end. Over time however, as with many things, what was once excellent slowly becomes adequate. It should be still be enough though because adequate means ‘acceptable and suitable’ but for us it isn’t.

The services we provide are vital to our clients and we understand this. A great deal of what we do is embedded in the financial well-being of the business we work with. Credit control, invoicing, VAT payments and other financial task are the life blood of any business and our clients are trusting us with them. Just as important is that many of our services such as recruitment funding and payroll impact on the real key element in a successful business, the staff.

The work we are trusted with is important and it impacts on the lives of real people. When you look at it that way you can see why we are unwilling to accept adequate as a benchmark. You wouldn’t want an adequate builder for example and when you sit down with a solicitor you expect them to be excellent at their job. Our clients trust us with vital functions of their business and they rightly demand excellence.

So what does this have to do with the website? Well, it is an extension of our approach. Our website is our public face and it should reflect who we are and how we work. The new site will contain more information and be more user friendly. We want people who visit our website to see what we do, how we can help and if we are right for their needs – because their needs are likely to be intrinsic to their business and livelihood.

We strongly believe here at Back Office Support Services that there is more to providing a great service than adequate. We will always ‘go the extra mile’ because we know our clients have every right to expect us to do so.

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