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Interesting Topics 11.01.2018

Four reasons to get ready for GDPR

Big changes are afoot in data protection. Chances are you’ve heard of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due ...

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Interesting Topics 15.08.2017

Have you been on the receiving end of sharp practice?

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘sharp practice’, we’re willing to bet that you’ve experienced it at some point ...

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Interesting Topics 24.07.2017

What do Millenials want from their career?

There’s no doubt that Millenials have been a driving force for change in a number of different sectors, from entertainment ...

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Interesting Topics 28.04.2017

Case Study – Switching to Back Office is easy

Please introduce yourself and your business. Hi, I’m Stuart Moffat and I’m the Financial Director at TAG Personnel Ltd. How ...

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Interesting Topics 10.03.2017

Pros & Cons of Automation

Should your business be automating its processes? With the rise in the cost of labour and the ever-growing shift towards ...

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Interesting Topics 24.02.2017

Why automation is not always a good thing.

From the coffee machine that’s programmed to brew when you wake in the morning, to the fridge that sends you ...

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Interesting Topics 01.11.2016

Oatcakes and bonus balls – Do you have office traditions?

Offices are like little communities. When the team in an office are pulling together and working to support each other, ...

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Interesting Topics 27.09.2016

‘Popping out for a smoke, back in 5 minutes’ – What does that actually mean?

I have recently enjoyed a lovely week off in Betws Y Coed and as I have two dogs when having ...

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Interesting Topics 05.09.2016

Does automation make us lose the human touch?

Automation isn’t a new thing. We tend to think of robots and computers in conjunction with automation but, in fact, ...

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Interesting Topics 12.07.2016

The bucket list generation – What actually is retirement?

    Where did the phrase ‘bucket list’ come from? I don’t mean the phrase itself because presumably, it comes ...

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