Back Office is efficient, effective and personal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service.

Ike Adilih,

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Recann is a specialist IT recruitment agency based in Manchester, offering guidance to match candidates to the right role. Director Ike Adilih believes in consistently developing the business model in order to meet client’s changing needs and built the company on three central brand values: Improve, Challenge, Evolve.

After working with Back Office for over two years, we were attracted by a provider with more advanced IT systems and decided to switch. Unfortunately, these ‘all singing and all dancing’ technologies only seemed to create more opportunity for error and after numerous problems with our new supplier we decided to return to Back Office.

Our switch to Back Office was very simple and the team welcomed us back with no hassle. As a smaller company, Back Office is much less reliant on technology and gives a very personal service. We get the impression that the team know their clients and customers very well and are much more flexible than the larger companies we’ve worked with.

We’ve built an excellent relationship with the staff at Back Office and everyone we’ve worked with has been superb at spotting errors and generally getting the job done. The team are always happy to respond to any concerns, and have made it clear that they will work with us through any challenges we may have as a business.

We’d describe Back Office as efficient, effective and personal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service to others.

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