Back Office Support CRUFC through COVID19

Back Office Support Services have helped their local Rugby Club, Congleton Rugby Union Football Club (CRUFC), raise funds to offset the impact of COVID-19 and support those in their local community. Back Office Support CRUFC

Back Office Support Services have sponsored the M&J’s (aged 6-17) at Congleton Rugby Club for almost 20 years and during this time, have seen the club go through both successes and struggles; but nothing has compared to the challenges they have faced during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Lockdown rules have resulted in a nationwide ban on competitive rugby since March 2020, a situation which could persist well into the new year. For a club as small as CRUFC – which relies heavily on income generated from match days – such a loss of revenue would be catastrophic to its chances of survival.

For this reason, in November 2020, Congleton Rugby Union Football Club (CRUFC) launched an initiative to raise up to £20,000 to support the club through the current pandemic.

The club was in urgent need of funds to offset the effects of the lockdown and to make urgent repairs to the Club House and changing facilities so that, once the ban is lifted, they are able to welcome back players and visitors to a clubhouse that is modern, safe and comfortable; a club house where they are happy to spend time while swapping stories about tries scored, tackles made, and catches dropped.

With the support of members, friends of the club, residents of Congleton town and local businesses and sponsors like Back Office, the club have successfully surpassed their target of £20,000 and raised a total of £23,892!

This money is gratefully received and will help preserve the club for the benefit of the current generation of rugby players and all those who come after us.

The club has a proud history – being one of the oldest clubs in the world at 160 years young – and with the generosity of the local community, CRUFC are hopeful to be around for another 160 years and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about CRUFC’s fundraising or offer them your support, head to their Crowd Funder page


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