5 goals for every office during the World Cup

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to ignore the feast of football that will no doubt be the talk of this summer. After the Olympics, the World Cup is the most-watched global sports event with an estimated 3.2 billion viewers last time around.

So it’s only natural that die-hard followers of the beautiful game will want to watch as much of the action as they can…even while they’re at work. But rather than it becoming a problem for employers, it’s possible to use the excitement to your advantage. Here are five thoughts as to how.

1 Be flexible

With matches scheduled to start at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm UK time, there’s every chance you’ll already have had holiday requests and might expect a few sickies to be thrown. But you can help avoid that problem, simply by being more flexible with working hours. For example, during the tournament why not allow staff to finish early if they wish, as long as they start earlier in the morning?

2 Join in

There are lots of ways the excitement of the World Cup can carry over into the office – decorating it with flags, organising a sweepstake and relaxing dress codes to include football shirts for example – and people will love you for it!

3 Set up a ‘game zone’

If you’re allowing employees to watch matches, it’s an ideal opportunity to encourage different groups/departments to mix and socialise. All you need to do is set up a screen in a meeting room or communal area, lay on a few refreshments and watch the team bonding. You’d be amazed how much employees value the break, and become much more engaged with colleagues and the workplace!

4 Use the opportunity

By doing all the above, you’ll go some way to building up a stock of goodwill amongst employees; they’ll feel better about coming to work, and feel valued by your catering for them. As long as you make it clear what’s expected of them around the flexible arrangements – including your policies on using social media and streaming of games during the tournament – this is a chance not to be missed!

5 Remember, not everyone’s a fan…

Bear in mind that fair play applies off the pitch too. So make sure employees who aren’t interested in football get the same flexibility, so they don’t feel discriminated against.

So there you have it – make the most of the World Cup opportunity, and everyone’s a winner! Let us know what your office is doing while the football’s on – drop us a Tweet at #footballscomingtowork

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