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Just Business 25.05.2017

Has your business become a juggling act?

Where would we be without the ability to multi-task? From eating your lunch whilst chasing an invoice to sending an ...

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Just Business 29.03.2016

Barking mad? Bringing your dog to work can be a great idea.

There is a real pleasure in having your dog at your feet when you are working. The occasional pat on ...

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Just Business 01.03.2016

The bad apple bites back – How one negative experience can affect your culture.

  There is an old saying about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel. Of course, like most clichés, there ...

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Just Business 23.12.2015

Would you like to buy a door? – The importance of customer knowledge.

      In case you were wondering what this title is referring to, I promise it isn’t just a ...

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Just Business 08.12.2015

Going To Work In Your JimJams (or even loungewear) – The Remote Working Debate.

Going To Work In Your JimJams (or even loungewear) – The Remote Working Debate.         I have a ...

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Just Business 03.08.2015

Dance Like Nobody is Watching – Why I Have Been on Holiday

I have just been on holiday. Actually, let me put that another way, I have been on “HOLIDAY”! It was ...

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Just Business 20.07.2015

Why business is done better over coffee

Have you ever been to one of the big coffee shop chains during the day? I think I can assume ...

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