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Why automation is not always a good thing.

From the coffee machine that’s programmed to brew when you wake in the morning, to the fridge that sends you a text when you’re running out of groceries, even to driverless cars – without doubt automated systems are getting smarter and smarter. We come across automation every day, and while it can save us time […]

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10 Tips for setting up your own recruitment agency

Setting up your own recruitment agency.

Although an attractive prospect for many with experience in the industry, setting up your own recruitment agency is no mean feat. As one of the longest-standing recruitment agency factoring companies in the UK, we’ve had years of experience dealing with recruitment agencies of all sizes. As such, we’re ideally placed to offer some advice to […]

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Sonia leaving flowers from us.

She’s off!

We recently had a lovely party to say goodbye to Sonia and to thank her for her nearly 14 years’ service at Back Office Support Services and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after Ian’s speech, it was funny, warm and very touching Our lovely Sonia is retiring and I am hoping she […]

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