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Gino leaving August 2015.

Sad goodbye

The Back Office team say a farewell to Jonathan from the Self Billing team who is off to study a Masters in Music Production, every single one of us has enjoyed working with him, he has proved to be a great asset to the team and he will be missed, here is what he has had to […]

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Image for mistake blog 28 Aug 2015

Why making mistakes can be good news

Why making mistakes can be good news. I was recently sitting on a train, it was packed and consequently somewhat intimate, and you could hear the conversations nearby  (you sometimes can’t help but listen when in such close proximity) Opposite me was a young girl of around 18. She was sitting with a slightly older […]

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Top Ten Tips for successful Credit Control

Bad debt is one of the biggest threats that can face any business and undoubtedly many recruiters have suffered the pain but well planned and executed credit control will lower the risk and increase your cash flow. 1.Credit check all your customers and set credit limits. 2.Communicate your Terms of Business with your clients and […]

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