Retaining staff – it’s the little things that matter

Most recruitment managers and owners will tell you how difficult it is to recruit a good recruitment consultant and then comes the challenge of retaining them.

All recruiters want a good salary and the scope to earn huge commission, that’s the easy part but it’s the little things that matter, feeling valued and appreciated being at the top of any employee’s wish list and this is not difficult to achieve.

We have all been there when we have achieved something great or gone the extra mile and the boss fails to utter ‘thank you’ it leaves you feeling cold and unappreciated, it’s not a nice feeling.

When I worked in recruitment I worked for a number a years for an independent agency and at the end of day when staff left the directors always said ‘thank you for today’ and that went a long way and I still remember that to this day.  This particular agency also used to host a wonderful Christmas party and bought the staff an individual Christmas present this was easily achieved as they got to know us personally as well as professionally.

So what steps can an employer take to ensure their staff feel valued and appreciated thus retaining them.

  • Say thank you
  • Keep your staff informed, open and honesty on how the business is doing will keep your staff engaged, open communication is vital
  • Talk to your staff about future plans, make them part of the decision process
  • Provide them with all the tools they need to do their job
  • Lead by example
  • Feedback is a two way street, employees as well as employers should be listened to this cultivates mutual goals and objectives
  • At Christmas, spoil your staff with a lavish party
  • If it has been a challenging week, on Friday buy breakfast or lunch for example


The list is really endless when it comes to the little things that matter and a good start will always been asking your staff what is important to them and never forget what it’s like to be an employee!

“The employer generally gets the employee he/she deserves”

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